Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Was it a waste of money?

There have been complaints made about the cost to the town for the weekend of the 11th to 13th of November. The complainants say that the money spent could have been better used to improve services.

The President of the Popular Party in Bigastro* has taken to social media to express his feelings about these complaints. He points out that the cost to the town was minimal.He also points out that more money was wasted on projects like Citta Slow and the exhibitions at FITUR.

PS Citta Slow was a project aimed at providing a slower pace of life. Bigastro spent a lot of money in both promoting the idea and visiting other towns involved in the project. 

FITUR is a national tourist exhibition to which Bigastro subscribed in the hope that it could boost the economy by encouraging people to visit the town. 

He also says that there were fewer complaints made when the Infant School was cut off from electricity because the council had failed to pay the bills. And there were few complaints made when council workers were not paid for several months including the teachers from the Adult Education Department.

We could also add the countless thousands of euros of government money that was wasted on projects like the granite setts on Calle Purisima and the cycle path alongside the road out of town that has hardly been used.

* Francisco Perez Perales - Popular Party president of Bigastro

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