Friday, January 13, 2017

Cheap tourism

Many thought that Brexit would have a negative effect on tourism to countries like Spain. The truth is that numbers of visitors increased by 7.2 million last year, a rise of 9.9% and the lions share came from France, Germany and Britain.

These visitors spent 77 billion Euros, an average of 138 Euros per person per day, contributing 10% to the Spanish GDP.

The only concern now is sustainability of the low cost "sand and sun" model that Spain promotes. The consulting firm Ernst & Young says that the country should really be targeting the high-end tourist market. They point out that the average spend of Chinese tourists to Europe is 960 Euros and Americans spend 672 Euros per day.

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Anonymous said...

What the heck are you talking about when you say "Many thought that Brexit would have a negative effect on tourism".

Brexit hasn't happened yet. In fact no-one - including the clueless Ms May - has an idea what Brexit will be when/if it eventually happens... a 'red, white and blue' one? A 'hard' one? A 'soft' one? A squishy, doughy one? How about a 'you will do as we tell you' one?!

Please think before you write. Your words are just empty, meaningless drivel when you write things like this. If you do write, then please get your facts right and stop 'assuming' like the moronic British gutter-press have been doing for the past 7+ months.