Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Snow in Bigastro?

The cold weather this last week was just a foretaste of what is to come this week.

The cold air that affected us came from Iceland. Normally, an anticyclone would  have acted as a barrier to a cold front but this year that system has moved out to the Atlantic leaving us exposed to the cold air mass.

However, on Tuesday things will change and we will be exposed to the Siberian or continental cold air wave.

This is not an uncommon phenomena, it happens every three of four years. This year though the anticyclone has spread to the north and a new air mass, coming from Russia, sitting on its right hand flank, has created a corridor that has covered Poland, Germany, France and eventually Spain.

We are fortunate in that Spain sits at the end of the corridor and so we will not experience the extremes that have led to record lows in the rest of Europe. Although this air mass is dry, it is expected to pick up moisture from the Bay of Biscay and the Mediterranean leading to widespread snowfall over much of Spain.  

Could we see snowfall in Bigastro? Well, AEMET is predicting rain on Thursday and Friday into Saturday but at the same time a rise in temperature of up to 5 degrees. They predict that Sunday will be dry but colder again.

In truth, nobody is sure either how long this cold snap will last nor whether we will have snow or not here in Bigastro.
This is the forecast from Yahoo. 

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