Monday, January 22, 2018

A couple from the weekend

Saturday night, we were down at the Auditorium to watch the latest production by Percuseve.

Percuseve is a theatre and percussion group belonging to the CE Severo Ochoa School, Los Garres, Murcia. Their director is Miguel Sáez who happens to live in Bigastro. His brother, Emilio, was President of the SUMB and now plays with the symphonic band..

The first performance we saw by Percuseve was El Ritmo de los Tiempos back in 2006. Since then they have performed Ritmografía de una vida, Ritmos de Papel and Ritmo sobre un lienzo.

Their latest production, called Arritmias, was what we went to see.

Arritmias, based in a hospital,  aims to portray the situation that hundreds of families of children with serious illnesses go through. For that reason they asked for a donation to AECC who supply support to patients with cancer and their families.

Their music is made by using the combination of a variety of every day objects; pieces of tubing, cups, sticks etc, etc. along with their bodies and hands. In past productions they have also made music with unlikely objects such as wheelie bins and monitor cases.

Sunday, we were at the Plaza de la Constitucion for the blessing of animals.
In a complete change this year, the Mass beforehand took place outside the Church. This was followed by the blessing by the priest.

You can view my photos of both events by following the links in the sidebar.

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