Sunday, January 07, 2018

Spare a thought

After a spell of unseasonable warm weather that would be considered good for a summer's day in Britain, it has turned cold here in Bigastro.

The top temperature during the day plummeted from 25 degrees to around 16 in a matter of a couple of days. Night time temperatures have dropped to 4 degrees which feels polar to us. 

However, spare a thought for our friends and relatives in Britain who have suffered storm after storm so far this winter. The combination of strong winds, heavy rain and arctic temperatures have brought misery to much of the country and it isn't over yet.

Today is forecast to be calm for much of the British Isles but that means cold temperatures during the daytime and even colder temperatures at night. A nighttime temperature of 4 degrees would feel almost tropical to those who are experiencing drops to -15 in the north of Scotland. Four degrees is as warm as it will get in the middle of the day for even the south coast of Britain.

No doubt we will see people out in thick coats, woolly scarves, hats and gloves today for the Christmas Concert in Bigastro. You wonder what they would find to wear if they were in a really cold climate like Britain is experiencing this year. 

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