Saturday, December 01, 2018

Finished at last

I've been intrigued by Lego Technic models for awhile now and wanted to face the challenge of building one for myself.

The kit I bought makes two models, a rally car and a beach buggy. I chose to make the rally car.

In the box was a thick book of step by step instructions, bags with all the parts needed for the build and a sheet of stickers.

In the Lego kits that make one model, the bags are numbered so you are only working with a limited number of parts at a time. Because this was a kit to make 2 models, the bags were random so I had to work with all the bags at once. With over 1,000 parts, that proved to be tricky in the early stages of the build.

The model has some pretty impressive features; rack and pinion steering, suspension on all four wheels. doors that open, an opening bonnet, a tailgate that opens and turns out the rear quarter panels and an engine with pistons that move up and down as the rear wheels turn.

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