Monday, December 10, 2018

It is pathetic

Tomorrow, British Parliament will vote on the deal that the PM has negotiated for Britain's exit from Europe next March.

It seems that nobody, possibly including the PM herself, thinks that it is a good deal mainly because of the backstop agreement needed to prevent a hard border between Ireland and Great Britain. Many believe that the backstop could keep the UK trapped in the Customs Union indefinitely. They are also not too keen on paying the divorce bill that has been agreed.

It is a bit like those people on our estate who reluctantly sold their houses for less than they paid when they decided to return to Britain.

As things stand, it looks like parliament will vote against the plan and nobody knows quite what would happen then. Will there be a leadership challenge, a general election, a renegotiation, a second referendum or some other scenario?

Mrs May is desperately trying to gather enough support to see her plan gain approval. I understand that she is telling her MPs, that they should vote for the plan, not because it is best for the country but because if it fails there could be a call for an election and they may lose out to Labour. In other words, vote to save your jobs. If that is true, it is a pathetic tactic to say the least.

In the meantime, the wolves are gathering looking to pick out the flesh. I dare say Mrs May will need more than a tot of whisky and a tin of baked beans after tomorrow is over.

The sad truth is that we cannot trust anyone in politics anymore. The British public were lied to by both sides during the referendum campaign and have been lied to since. But who was telling the worst lies? We simply do not know what to believe and more important, who is actually working for the best interest of the country.

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