Sunday, March 17, 2019

And so we begin

We are all aware that there will be a municipal election on the 26th May.The political parties should be honing their manifestos to put to the public.

However,  that is not the only way political parties in Spain hope to win votes.

The parties in power engage themselves in as many projects as they can to show how worthwhile they have been and what they have achieved. In the meantime, the parties in opposition try to find any mistakes or evidence of maladministration that the parties in power have made that can be reported in the press or even denounced in court.

So we see that, in Bigastro, there has been a flurry of events demonstrating what the ruling party has achieved. At the same time, the opposition group have denounced the ruling party and the mayor in particular for prevarication. The mayor has chosen to give her account of the accusation on her Facebook page to which the Liberal councillor has replied.

As you might imagine, we now have  three different versions of what took place. Which version you take to be the truth will depend upon your political allegiance.

We are only midway through March with almost two months left for the campaigning. It looks like this could be a bloody contest with, I am sure,  plenty more to come. I, for one would prefer it to be different. To my mind the contest should not be to find the least worst party but the best - the one that has most to offer. Instead of telling us what the others have done wrong, tell us what you aim to do that is right.

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