Saturday, March 23, 2019

The curse of the plastic bottle.

1. My friend in the UK tells me that his school has had to investigate supplying bottles without labels for pupils taking exams. It seems that candidates  can no longer sit for a couple of hours or so in an exam room without a bottle of water for refreshment.

At the same time, my friend tells me that, in a 90 minute mock exam there were 16 pupils who wanted to go to the toilet. It was probably all that water they were drinking.

2. One of our neighbours, who regularly walks along the new route at La Pedrera, tells me that there has been a great increase in the amount of waste left by the path - mainly plastic bottles.  He suggests that there needs to be waste bins for people to use along the route.

The other solution - they could simply take the empty bottles back home with them and dispose of them in the recycling bins.

3. There are pictures on Facebook of the people cleaning up the River Segura at Guardamar and most of the waste is in the form of plastic bottles. There are literally thousands of them clogging up the exit into the sea.

Plastics are threatening our planet and our environment. Unless we take steps to solve the problems that plastic causes, our children and their children will inherit a poor legacy.

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