Monday, April 29, 2019

Under pressure

I understand that there is a major issue with water pressure on part of our estate. I'm told that the water company have installed pressure limiting valves to stop the problems with leaking pipes in parts of the urbanisation. However, I'm told that the pressure is now so low that having a shower is nearly impossible because the central heating boilers cut out. There is also an issue with domestic appliances that rely on a constant water feed like washing machines.

This is having a serious impact on people's lives. 

Why there are so many leaks is being put down to the quality of the pipework in the original installation but there may be other factors.

We do know that there was a stream that ran down the estate which has been blamed for subsidence of gardens to the right of Canada de Andrea. There is clear evidence of this in the pavements and roads and we know that the tubing that was supposed to be used for telephone cables was so badly crushed that it was impossible to thread the cable through.

Also, when they attempted to build houses on the land between Calle Escocia and Calle Holanda, they had to dig down so far that Calle Escocia collapsed into the void.

Could it be that all this movement is the cause of water pipes fractures? And if there is a problem with the water pipes, what about the sewer pipes?

I know that those affected have been to the Town Hall to complain and that people from the water company have visited some homes and made unhelpful suggestions about removing inlet filters from washing machines. Clearly, that is not the solution and in any case that would not alleviate the issues with boilers cutting out.

I do not believe this is an issue that the Town Hall can resolve because they are not responsible for the water supply but hopefully they will take note of the complaints and put pressure upon the water company to sort it out.

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Pete said...

Time for a community water tower!