Saturday, December 21, 2019

A welcome return

Pam and I have shopped at the San Louis Mercadona on the road into Torrevieja for years. We often combine a trip there with a stop off at Reeves butchers and a call into the Pool People to pay for our pool maintenance.

Six weeks ago, the shop closed for alterations. At first we thought it might be for a few days but judging by the ammount of material that was being unloaded in the car park, it was clear that this was to be something more than a minor facelift. Over the tannoy they announced that the shop would reopen on in six weeks time on the18th December.

Now we all know that deadlines like that are often provisional but sure enough, this Wednesday the shop opened its new doors and we were there to do our weekly shop. No more searching around Carrefour Orihuela to try and find things we bought regularly from Mercadona.

Was it worth it? Absolutely! The entrances are now very smart and the layout inside is more spacious. Not only that but there are new departments like the "ready to eat" section which sells delicious looking paellas and pasta along with a few other dishes. At one end there are even tables and chairs if you want to consume your ready meal there and then.

There are a few things that have moved around and took some finding but all in all, shopping was a pleasant experience once again.

Even the car park has been remarked out and now includes two points where you can recharge your electric car - very 21st century.  

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