Tuesday, December 03, 2019

More rain

You will have seen videos of heavy rain and flooding of roads in various parts of the province on various social media sites. Although the pictures are serious, they are nowhere near as disastrous as the ones from September. The coast seems to be facing the worst of the weather this time - Mar Menor looks particularly bad. Police report that most roads in Torrevieja are passable. 

Not surprisingly, people are very nervous about this latest episode of rain (Gota Fria). After the one in September that caused so much devastation, the last thing we need is more flooding.

According to information from AEMET, the rain started here at about 4:30 pm yesterday. It gradually increased until by 9pm it was falling at a rate of 3mm per hour. It then calmed by about 11pm but quickly picked up again with 7.5mm of rain falling at about 1am. By 3am it had petered away and by 4am it was dry and has remained dry since then.

The forecast is still ominous so we will have to wait and see what happens. The prediction is for rain to continue until midday tomorrow.

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