Tuesday, February 18, 2020

That is now perfectly clear

We knew that the 3rd Age King and Queen were normally nominated by the Pensioners' Club* but had little idea how the Juvenile and Infant Queens were chosen.

These documents outline a new approach.

As you can see, the aspring members of both courts will be asked to take part in the Catwalk Show (21st and 22nd March). The infants will be wearing clothes from local shops and the juniors clothes designed by Eduardo Navarrete.

We will then be able to vote for our choices and the ones with the most votes will  represent the town at the August Fiesta.

As a reward, the Junior Court will have a weekend in a hotel and the Infant Court, a trip to Terra Mitica.

* Pam and I were not members of the Pensioners' Club - instead, we were asked by the Town Hall to be 3rd Age King and Queen.

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