Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Boris looks almost ill

Those of you who watched the broadcast yesterday will have seen a very different Boris Johnson to the one that welcomed the new MPs to Westminster. Yesterday, he looked haggard, tired and stressed. Luckily, he had specialists either side of him to explain things and answer questions as he stumbled over his replies to questions. .

We can draw comparisons between the measures taken in Britain and those taken in e.g.Spain.

Whilst Johnson "advised" people not to visit pubs, restuarants, theatres etc, Spain has made it illegal to be out and about. Pubs, clubs, restaurants in Spain are CLOSED, in Britain they could remain open just in case there are any customers who choose to ignore the advice.

Cynical people have already come to the conclusion that the British Government stopped short of forcing a lockdown to avoid having to compensate the hospitality industry for loss of earnings. The British approach also means that businesses cannot claim on their insurance because they do not face a forced closure.

Johnson also falls short of putting a ban on mass gatherings. Instead he says that they will no longer provide emergency support for large events.

All Boris Johnson wanted was to be Prime Minister and "get Brexit done", Unfortunately, he has landed himself with the task of trying to steer the country through a health crisis. Only time will tell if if he is up to the task. 

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