Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Check out your town

Dave Frazier, who lives on the other side of our estate,  has kindly sent me this link to a site that shows the statistics for coronavirus in the Valencia region.


As Dave says, "Although we still seem to be reasonably okay here in Bigastro I know from a friend who is a practising doctor in Albatera that virus numbers are again on the increase and from today she is advising we wear a mask at all times when out and to carry some type of sanitary gel purely as a precaution ......... some people are becoming complacent and are not following the rules."

That is so true. When we were in the early stages of lockdown, everyone you saw in street wore a mask. They would queue outside shops at a 2m distance. People were taking the threat seriously.

Now there are more people in the streets but fewer of them are wearing masks. The young seem to have adopted wearing their masks on their elbows as a kind of fashion statement. Good to see them with a mask but placed on your elbow, it will do nothing to protect anyone.

We need to remind ourselves, coronavirus numbers may be dropping but it has not gone away. The way it spreads is by transmission - give it the means to pass on from person to person and it will soon come back in a second wave. 

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