Friday, July 24, 2020

Fiesta update

Message from the Mayor - Teresa María Belmonte Sánchez:

It is a tradition in the town of Bigastro to celebrate the patron saint festivities in honor of San Joaquín during the days close to August 16. A tradition that has filled the residents of our town with joy and satisfaction for 227 years.

Every year, the town of Bigastro dresses up and celebrates the devotion to its patron saint with a program of cultural and religious activities that are part of the hallmarks of Bigastrenses.

For months, our nation and the entire world has been experiencing an unprecedented health crisis that has killed hundreds of thousands of people and affected millions of human beings. A crisis that today is still latent and evolving negatively despite the prevention and health security measures that the authorities have implemented.

In the current situation, in which we are aware of hundreds of new cases of daily infections throughout the national territory and especially in relation to the area of ​​influence of the Department of Health of the Vega Baja, it is necessary to take exceptional measures to protect the health of Bigastro's neighbors.

The current conditions of mobility of the population, which allows free movement throughout the territory, make it even more necessary to take preventive measures to prevent the spread of infections in our municipality.

The current safety and hygiene standards published by the competent health authority and which are mandatory for the entire population, require the mandatory use of protective masks, prohibit the celebration of acts of worship in the open air and limit the number of people who they can focus on public and private events.

Given the regulatory scenario described and in application of the principle of prudence, it is necessary to avoid the mass concentration of people who suppose the celebration of the typical public acts of the Patron Saint Festival in honor of San Joaquín.

With great regret I am forced to suspend the celebration of the patron saint festivities during this year for all the above and with the awareness that the measures to be adopted are not desirable, but necessary for the protection of the health of the residents of our town. , and with the hope that next year we will be able to carry out the celebration of the patron saint festivities that are the emblem and pride of our people.

During the last weeks, the festivities council, together with the festive commission, the San Joaquin brotherhood, the parish and the SUMB, have been preparing a program of events adapted to the norms. A program that we must suspend due to prudence.
I thank all of them for their effort and work despite the difficulties involved in carrying it out with the necessary security measures.

With my best wishes for health and happiness to the residents of Bigastro, receive a cordial and affectionate greeting.

Viva Bigastro and Viva San Joaquín

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