Friday, November 19, 2021

All done

 When we met the Mayor outside the Town Hall the other day, she asked if we had our third dose of Pfizer.  When we told her we hadn't, she suggested we phoned the Medical Centre to make an appointment.

However, before we got round to doing that, Pam had a phone call giving her an appointment for this morning. They said I should go down as well. 

Our appointments were for 10:40 and 10:41 am but they were running late so it was nearer 11:00am before our names were called.  

Pfizer in one arm and the flu vaccine in the other. Fingers crossed, that will mean we have a trouble free winter. 


When I had the first dose of Pfizer my arm was a little sore for a couple of days. I had no problems with the second dose though. Pam was fine with both jabs. 

This time the Covid jab in the left harm stung as it went it and my arm feels sore at the injection site. The flu injection in the right arm was painless but now feels a little sore (not as much as the Covid jab though).

Pam felt neither injection but her arms are sore now.  

We expect that this is temporary and that we will be OK after a couple of days. 

What I can tell you is that a little discomfort is far better than the effects of Covid or indeed flu. 

Our youngest daughter and her husband both had Covid in spite of being double jabbed with Astra Zeneca. It was not a pleasant experience and left them tired out for a week or so after recovery. They lost their senses of taste and smell days after testing positive- both senses have gradually returned. 

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