Tuesday, November 02, 2021

Sods law

 So, we were in England last week for our grandson's seventh birthday. 

Originally, we were going to stay for five days at our youngest daughter's house and then three at our oldest daughter's. 

That plan went kaput when our grandson tested positive for Covid. He only had mild symptoms and was out of isolation the day we arrived. Unfortunately though, he'd passed the infection onto his mother and father and so we could not stay at their house. Meanwhile, our granddaughter tested negative and so we were able to be with her.  

We quickly booked into a nearby hotel and did not visit them until they had completed their ten days of isolation. 

Our eldest daughter brought forward her plans and stayed with us in the hotel and so at least we were able to take the children out and spoil them.  

It was only on the Tuesday that we were able to be with the whole family.

Inline with current regulations, Pam and I had PCR tests on the second day and the results were negative so we are OK.. 

In all, a complicated trip but still we made it and saw everyone for the first time in 18 months. 

However, when we returned our central heating boiler wasn't working and of course - sods law - it was a four day holiday here in Spain. 

All is well now though. It turned out to be a blocked pipe in the boiler which Jose Maria cleared this morning. At last we can have showers!!  

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