Thursday, July 06, 2006

Ditch the cava

That was a so so game last night. The first half was interesting but the second was scrappy. I bet Ricardo Carvalho had very little sleep. It was good to hear the crowd booing Cristiano Ronaldo after his behaviour in the England match. Did he forget that he plays for Manchester United in the Premier League and has to face home crowds next season? Pam says he is good looking so should be forgiven - I think not!

Yesterday was glorious on the beach. Although the maximum temperature was 36 degrees, there was a strong breeze blowing to keep everyone cool. It is getting more crowded though and we did have to park further away. As I have said August will be impossible so we'll make the most of it during the couple of weeks in July that we are still here.

We're off to Alicante today to hopefully get our Spanish driving licences. So it is an early start for us this morning. Pam is up and getting ready as we speak.

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