Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The story so far

Sunday we went to Hugh and Angela's for their son Andrew's 17th birthday party. It was fantastic to see so many friends and catch up with their news. Hugh's cooking on the BBQ was up to his usual very high standard and of course there was a plentiful supply of wine to keep the conversation flowing. Angela didn't want us to leave and we didn't want to go but Laura had to get up for work next day.

Monday was supposed to be a quiet day for us. Laura went to work on the Metro and left us with her car and house keys. We went down the road to get her a hanging basket and some plants for her backyard. We called at Sainsbury's on the way back for supplies. When we got back to Laura's house though the key she had given us wouldn't work. Fortunately the lady across the road saw our plight and let us phone Laura at work to see what we could do. The solution was to drive into Manchester city centre and collect Laura's own keys. By the time we had done that they day was gone. So much for a relaxed day.

Tuesday we went over to see my father in Cawthorne. When we arrived he was obviously still alseep because the doors were locked and he wasn't answering the door. We assumed he had gone out. Fortunately it was sunny so we sat outside for an hour and a half until he eventually opened the door. My brother Brian came over later which meant that the whole family could have a real good chin wag. I'm pleased to say that both my father and brother looked very well.

In the late afternoon we set off for Hathersage to meet Glenys and Peter. I must have set my sat nav system to plot the shortest route because from east of Sheffield it took us along these twisting minor roads with steep 60 degree bends. It did get us there but for a time it was just like being on a rally - not the stress free journey I had hope for. It was worth it though because the hotel we stayed in was superb. We had an excellent meal last night but more important it was really good to see our friends again.

Today we went with Glenys and Peter to tour the beautiful area of the Peak District. There is such a contrast between the lush valleys of Derbyshire and the coastal plain of the Vega Baja. We love both and wouldn't want to miss seeing either. Many thanks to Glenys whose idea it was to meet in Hathersage.

I was careful to program my sat nav to give me the fastest route back to Laura's to avoid yet another rally stage.

Tomorrow we go the Wirral where we will stay until Sunday.

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