Sunday, July 09, 2006

We were warned (kind of)

"IBERDROLA nos informa de que el próximo día 8 de julio (domingo) se producirá un corte eléctrico en la zona de la Cañada de Andrea y la Calle Joaquín Moya Martínez, de 9 a 11 de la mañana. "

So was it to be sabado the 8th or domingo the 9th?

The answer came this morning when, true to their word, Ibderola cut the electricity off for about two and a half hours. Just as well it wasn't longer because in these temperatures the food in the freezer soon starts to defrost.

Fortunately I had just made a cup of tea otherwise we would have had to start the day grumpy. As it was I had to wait until nearly 12 o clock for my cup of coffee. I can almost hear the great cry of "shame".

Muchas gracias.

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