Saturday, July 08, 2006

No surprise there

Guardia Civil officers stopped and fined 259 drivers in two days in Alicante Province which will lead to the loss of over1.000 points from their licenses. The point-losing offences reported by local police forces are yet to be added to that figure.

Drink driving and not using seatbelts were at the top of the list, followed by motorcyclists not using crash helmets. Seven people were stopped for using a mobile phone at the wheel.

As for the battle of the sexes, serious offences committed by women represent only a tenth of those committed by men (237 men, 22 women).

In the whole of Spain, 18,324 points were lost by almost 5,000 drivers.

Hopefully they will tell all their friends and we might just see an improvement in the way they drive.

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Pete said...

But what was the gender balance on the sample cohort Keith? No one ever tells you that!