Wednesday, July 19, 2006

No need for this

The road down to Bigastro is set to get worse. They are digging it up again including the speed bump which they have just painted. Even still a tractor as a mode of transport is a bit over the top. Notice that this model comes with full air conditioning and lots of space for shopping.

Actually this is the b**** that they start up every morning at 8:30 just to make sure we are awake. It is what they were using to level the plot next door.

Having levelled it and put the steel mesh down; this morning a big crane arrived followed by a lorry load of ready mix. They used the crane to get the ready mix down the other side of the plot. Then an even bigger crane arrived which they used to get the concrete over the house and onto the back of the plot. Whatever happened to the good old wheelbarrow method of moving concrete?

Hopefully by the time we get back from our hols the job will be finished.

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Andrew said...

Personally i believe as soon as that is up for sale, you should trade it in for your skoda. The luggage capacity at least is one good point, cabriolet style, another bonus in that heat.