Thursday, July 20, 2006

Getting excited

Just as we used to get excited about going on holiday to Spain we now get excited about going on holiday to England. Of course our trips to England are much more than just a holiday. They are our chance to catch up with friends and relatives.

This trip is special though. Not only do we get to see our daughters Jemma and Laura, we get to see Angela, Hugh, Andrew and their friends at Andrew's party. We'll also see our parents of course.

Then we have a night in a hotel in Hathersage where we will meet up with Glenys and Peter. Glenys and Pam have been friends since they were schoolgirls at Hoylake a few years ago!

Pam is going to meet up with some of the "girls" from the school where she taught and I'm going to meet Pete and Dave who were very good to me and kept me sane at Anfield. Then we have the wedding of the year to attend where Laura is to be bridesmaid.

No doubt we will come back exhausted but with some very happy memories. We should also have some photographs to share with you on our return.

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