Monday, July 17, 2006

See how the balls light up my pool

By the time we visited the house to choose tiles etc. the pool had been built so it was too late to ask for an underwater pool light. So we have to make do with floating lights. Don't you think they look pretty though?

We're still trying to work out who exactly has bought the house next door. Previously we have had various people come for an hour or so to use the pool. One lot had two very noisy lads with them so we hoped it wasn't them.

Yesterday afternoon, as we were lying by our pool, we heard a couple arrive in seperate cars. We then heard them going inside so they obviously had a key. They stayed for about an hour and a half and then left. Draw your own conclusions from that - we have!

This morning the blokes who are doing the garden are back so we assume someone has bought the house. We're just not sure which of the people it is. Probably not the couple who came yesterday though!

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