Saturday, July 15, 2006

Rip Van Pammie

This hot weather does make you sleepy. Half an hour of work and you need a drink of water and a sit down for a rest.

The workmen next door had finished early yesterday because it was Friday, so peace reigned over Calle Irlanda. The quiet and the balmy heat allowed Pam to sleep for about two hours in the shade of the porch. It must have been about 6:30pm when she appeared by the pool ready for a cup of tea and a swim.

Forget the adage that says "if you sleep in the daytime you won't sleep at night". Pam slept for a further ten hours last night. My theory is that her body is preparing itself for the trip to England when she will be lucky to get eight hours sleep a night.

Thinking about our trip to England - what clothes do we bring? The weather reports at the moment are good but will it last? We well remember wearing fleeces at Andrew's previous parties. There is no room in our cases for those. One thing is for certain, Pam will need to wear something warmer than a bikini to sleep outside Laura's house in Sale.


Laura said...

well if you look at the weather report on the BBC it is going to be 26-30 all week here in manchester, lets hope that it stays that way for he whole 10 days! I am hoping especially for the royal wedding on the 28th that would make the day even better!! Tell betty to pack layers and you will be ok (dont forget I have lots of clothes) hehe!!The only thing you need to leave behind is your swimming gear sorry the hotel doesn't have pool facilities!!Working on it though!hehe!

Anonymous said...

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