Friday, July 14, 2006

More water

Se inician los obras del nuevo depósito de agua

En los próximos días dará comienzo las obras del nuevo depósito de agua que estará ubicado en la zona conocida como "Lo Chusco".

Esta nueva infraestructura hidráulica, gracias a unos mecanismos de impulsión hará posible impulsar el agua hasta la zona recreativa de la Pedrera de manera que podamos mejorar el servicio y la presión existente en el Casco Urbano de Bigastro y además prestar servicio a las nuevas urbanizaciones que se están realizando en las zonas de ampliación.

Which means that they are installing a new water tank with an impuse drive to increase pressure to the town and supply water to the new developments.

At the same time that Bigastro is increasing the water pressure they are slowing down the traffic. New tarmac "sleeping policemen" have been laid in the town.

The one which amuses us though is the one on Avenida Europa. This is the road where John and Jean live and is on our route out of Villas Andrea. A few months ago they dug up one side of the road to lay pipes to take rain water from our estate to the huerta. They filled the trench in with soil and kept topping it up when it washed away with the rain.

As you can imagine, every time a vehicle drives fast over the dry soil a cloud of dust rises to fall on their houses. The residents have complained bitterly to the the Town Hall but were told there is no money to resurface the road. As a token gesture though they have a "sleeping policeman" to slow the traffic down. It is the only decent piece of tarmac on their road!


Pete said...

This could be enormous fun. This is where the utilities company belts up the water pressure with no kind of pressure regulator into the customer properties and pipes start blowing left, right and centre!

You should be ok in a new build, but down in the town it could get very hairy!

Anonymous said...

Super color scheme, I like it! Good job. Go on.