Saturday, July 01, 2006

I'm staying in.

Spain now has points system for drivers similar to those used in the UK, France and Germany. In Spain drivers begin with 12 points and offences incur the loss of points plus the corresponding fine according to the offence.

Throughout this last week, motorists who were stopped for committing an offence were informed by Guardia Civil traffic officers of the number of points they would have lost. Driving without a seatbelt, using a mobile phone at the wheel and speeding topped the offence list.

The DGT told CBN that the new legislation will not affect licences issued outside Spain. Drivers with these licences who commit an offence will receive fines as before.

This weekend marks the start of the holiday season. Tailbacks of several kilometres on roads out of major cities and entering tourist resorts are expected from Friday evening and throughout the weekend.The DGT expects around nine million traffic movements throughout Spain from yesterday afternoon until midnight on Sunday, the majority being vehicles heading towards the coast.

Just imagine how many euros they will collect and how many points will be deducted during that period. Judging by the way some Spaniards drive, by Monday some of these people could have 0 points on their licenses.

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