Sunday, July 23, 2006

Not that hot

After a bumpy flight we arived in Manchester on time. They still haven't sorted out passport control there so we had to queue for ages. The good thing is that by the time we got to the carousel our cases were there.

Yesterday we went shopping - of course! Manchester was very busy but had a very continental feel to it. There was street entertainment and carnival parades to break up the hours spent in Marks and Spencer etc.

The sales assistant must have wondered why I needed four pairs of swim shorts. When that is the only thing you wear for four months of the year and they are soaked in chlorine day after day they just don't last.

Now I haven't been to the pictures for years so last night was a novel experience. We went to the Trafford Centre and watched Pirates of the Carribean Dead Man's Chest. It is a very entertaining film and well worth going to see. I'm not sure we needed so much popcorn though.

All that hype about the weather being better in England than in Spain is rubbish. It is warm but just comfortable. More like Spanish Spring than Summer.

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