Monday, July 03, 2006

With a tear in his eye

That's the end of that. Beckham has resigned and Eriksson has left. England are £20m lighter with nothing to show for it. Ah well maybe we have learnt the lesson but then again maybe not.

Yesterday we went with friends to look at an interesting house out in the country. Very nice it was too. It is a good size villa on a 3000m2 plot with spectacular views of mountains. With just orange groves around it, the house will be a haven of splendid isolation for whoever buys it.

After the trip, our friends came back to our house and we had a very pleasant afternoon around the pool. I cooked them my paellla which they thoroughly enjoyed We chatted, ate, swam and sipped sangria until the sun went down. An excellent way to spend a Sunday.

We'll see them again on Thursday when we are going to catch the train from Orihuela to Alicante. John is going to renew his HGV license and I hope to change my English driving license to a Spanish one. You can bet we'll be having a spot of lunch somewhere and the girls will want to look around the shops. Sounds like another good day to look forward to.

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