Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Our new neighbours

1. The house next door was sold on May 10th but as yet nobody has moved in - most strange. John, the previous owner, thought that the estate agent had bought the house to possibly rent out. We don't know for sure but think now that is not the case.

First of all the pool was finished and filled. Then people started arriving - sometimes just for a couple of hours. Some of them came to use the pool, others went in the house. One Spanish couple with a young girl came often so we think they may be the new owners.

The other day building materials arrived and finally on Monday evening a digger trundled in. Yesterday the digger, a tractor and a lorry spent all day clearing the land around the house in preparation for what we think will be terracing. We're going out today to the beach - at least there we will be able to get some sleep as we lie in the sun. Trying to sleep yesterday with a digger working six feet away was impossible.

2. Following a flurry of deliveries, there are now cleaners working on the builder's house just down the road. He'd already told us that he intended moving in by the end of July.

So by the time we return from our trip to England all the houses on our Calle should be occupied and we will be the only English family living in the smallest of the houses!

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