Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The plan for today

Last week we went to Orihuela to the Social Services office to get our E111 cards in preparation for our trip to England. When you leave England you loose your entitlement to treatment there unless you have an E111. Exactly the same as when we came to Spain on holiday from England but in reverse.

Apparently you only need your medical card from the local doctor's and you get the card there and then. Last week we were politely turned away and told to come back this week on Tuesday. We were advised to arrive early because there would be "mucha gente". We know exactly what that means from our experience at Trafico. Of course Tuesday is market day so that will add to the problem.

Update:- After negotiating the market traffic and queuing for an hour we were told that only "pensionistas" are entitled to an E111. Clearly the lady could see we were much too young to be receiving a pension! Still it was good to get away from the noise of the builders next door. They started at 8:00am this morning. Whatever machine it was they were using was shaking our house. Thankfully that has stopped and the house is still standing.

Then we are going to Los Montesinos so that Pam can have her eyebrows done and hopefully to Torre to get the new lenses for my glasses. New lenses arrived last week but unfortunately came without the anti-reflective coating that I had ordered.

That will be enough to exhaust us sufficiently to need a long sleep on a sunbed this afternoon.

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