Wednesday, January 14, 2009

95 jobs saved in Bigastro

The mayor, Raúl Valerio Medina Lorente has explained that 1,165,000 Euros has been allocated to the town by the Government on the basis of the numbers of citizens on the Padron. The proviso is that this money must be spent on new projects and not on the completion of  existing projects.

First stage of the work that will connect the Avenida Apatel to the industrial estate Apatel (300,000 Euros), an integral plan of action for the parks and gardens (150.000), relocate the Local Police to  the old building of  the  José de Calasanz school ((140.000), and work on remodelling the centre of the town particularly on Calle Purísima (200.000) will take up the bulk of the state finance that is destined for Bigastro.

Other projects include: repairs to the oldest building at the infant school Biastrin, improvements to facilities in the  Huerto del Cura park and in the Centro Social Integral.

The mayor goes on to explain that the work will create or maintain 95 jobs locally. This is one of the stipulations made to companies who will be involved in the 12 projects that have been planned. 

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Will said...

Keith-re your comment on wood smoke further down the page. When we are in Guardamar I find this a problem. If you go out walking at night you come back with your clothes and smelling. I agree that it is worse than tobacco smoke. Mind you, over here in the UK, more and more people are burning wood so we have the same problem. I have stuck masking tape around my office window in an effort to stop it 'leaking' into the room