Sunday, January 11, 2009

Rain, rain go away

We were down in Torrevieja yesterday afternoon when the skies looked decidedly ominous. You knew it was going to rain but were not quite sure when. On our way home it started. From then on it poured down all night. We could hear it bouncing off the steps outside the kitchen as it ran off the roof (we don't have guttering and drainpipes). It woke me up in the early hours of this morning as it bounced off the paving outside the bedroom.

I think we must have had nearly a month's rain in one night. The only consolation was that at least it wasn't the dirty sort of rain we get from the Sahara so there is no major cleaning up to do.

As I've said before, this area doesn't really have an effective way of dealing with rain. Rain drains from our paving down a pipe to the road below; it does the same from all the other houses. This water then meets the rain which is coming down the storm drain off the Pedrera and floods the road. I dare say the route down from where the office used to be to the collector was the usual yellow river of muddy water.

The good news is that today we have blue skies and sunshine (at least for the moment anyway). The further good news is that the forecast is for milder weather in the daytime with some sunshine to warm our bones.

Mañana Tarde Noche



Martes,13 Miércoles,14 Jueves,15 Viernes,16
2.7º/11.3º 1.2º/11.5º 2.9º/11.1º


We don't like January and February - roll on March when the weather usually picks up.

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Pete said...

Not to disparage Spanish engineering, but your comments on water management do remind me vividly of the closing scenes of 'Carry On Abroad' in which the half built hotel collapses in a deluge.

Cracking film - and as with all stereotypes it's not without some validity, I'm sure!