Friday, January 23, 2009

Smart town to slum town

Will commented about the road works in Torrevieja:

This would appear to be good news but in other ways I find Torrevieja a disappointing town. The gratuitous graffiti tagging is endemic and really spoils the town. Sadly, this has spread to Guardamar. When we first visited Guardamar in 2001 there was no graffiti at all!

I've commented about graffiti before. All too often, the good work that town councils put in to making places smart gets destroyed by vandalism. For example, the last time we were in Torre, I noticed that the new theatre has already suffered.

Interestingly, I found this item in the news today.

An exhibition of 18 pieces of graffiti will be opened at 12:30 today in the cultural centre Virgen del Carmen. The grafiti is intended to decorate an unsightly water tower. Let's hope that it inspires the mindless vandals to be a little more creative when they get their paint cans out and confine their efforts to designated areas.


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