Thursday, January 22, 2009

Worse than derelict


The locals have complained about this building which can be found between the urbanisations Pueblo Bravo and Lo Pepín in Rojales. They say that it represents a danger as well as being unsightly. It is not hard to see why.

However, this is not the only example of  squalor that you'll find in this area. You can find many more examples as you travel round.

If you were being generous you'd describe some of the sights you see as examples of rustic charm. In truth though they look decidedly 'third world'; totally unbefitting to life in modern Spain and it isn't just down to poverty, after all you don't need money to be tidy.

In some cases the front of the building may look respectable but the rear presents a different picture.



You do wonder how anybody could live like this. An hour or so tidying up would make such a big difference. At least then they'd be able to find their belongings.

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