Saturday, January 24, 2009

Rachas de viento

Here in Spain there are a few words and expressions that you pick up quickly. Rachas de viento means gusts of wind. We've suffered a few occasions when the wind had blown to gale force since we moved here losing two lots of cane fencing in the process.

Today Valencia is on maximum red alert, motorists are advised to avoid the motorways and the fishing fleet remains moored in port as winds are expected to reach up 130km per hour. Alicante and Castellón provinces are on yellow alert with winds up to 110km per hour.

There is also a high risk of wild fires because of the combination of high winds and raised temperatures.

Our only option is to sit it out. No doubt our neighbours will have some tales of structural damage. The price we pay for being on a hill is that the wind hits us hard. Those below us are lucky being a little more sheltered. So far the netting at the back of our plot has lifted at the bottom, one of the posts at the side has snapped and the outside table was lifted over the bushes crashing onto the pavement narrowly missing my car.

We have our fingers and toes crossed that the wind will start to die down and do no more damage. There is not a lot else we can do. Even still it is very scary and we don't like it! For about the first time since we moved here we are totally stressed out.

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Pete said...

I feel for you both, but you've done all you can. We're all at the mercy of the elements so all we can do is batten down the hatches and stay in the house until the worst passes.

Houses are strong Keith. Even Spanish ones.