Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ambitious plans for Torrevieja

The City council of Torrevieja continues to approve city-planning projects even though the construction industry is in crisis.

Yesterday, the PP and PSOE approved changes to the plan for sector 20, "La Hoya" where 7,490 houses are to be built on 1,714,137 square metres of land. Once constructed and occupied, these houses would increase the population of Torrevieja by 24,000.

The Green Party and the United Left voted against these proposals because they say the plan anticipates a supply of water from the desalination plant which the Ministerio de Medio Ambiente is building in Torrevieja.

The council have also approved a modification to section 52 ("Libertad Tipológica") of the PGOU to build a 28 storey skyscraper. In addition the Council have plans for a large commercial centre on land next to the Palace of Justice.

All these plans will now be submitted to the Conselleria de Urbanismo for approval.

Of course, even if the plans are accepted, it could be sometime before anybody has the money or the courage to carry them out. It doesn't hurt to dream though.

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