Saturday, January 31, 2009

Qué sabrosa

I'll eat anything as long as it looks good.

Yesterday I found this tomato marmalade in Mercadona. My thought was that it would be great on toast with olive oil and salt. P1000621

Normally you would use fresh tomatoes but without one to hand each day, the jar of tomato marmalade seemed like a good idea.

On the side of the jar it says for toast and for making sauces so it sounded to be just the ticket.

I tried it this morning by toasting a piece of barra rustica, drizzling olive oil on it and then spreading a layer of the marmalade on top. The result was quite delicious but not what I expected. The marmalade is sweet and smooth in texture without a strong tomato flavour. It complemented the olive oil well but not in the same way as a fresh tomato would.

Actually it would be ideal as an alternative to other types for making a jam butty*.

*We're not talking about a police car here nor the cockney rhyming slang for nutty. This is the snack that Scousers have when they feel a little peckish - two slices of Mother's Pride with a smear of butter on both and a good lashing of jam.

Imagine the conversation in the works canteen at Halewood. "Er, what's that jam you got on yer butty mate?" "Tomato". "Yer havin a laff aren't you". In Yorkshire they woud say, " you're p*****g up my back?" In the posher parts of the country they'd say, "how quaint, I must try some. Did you get it in Fortnum's?" "No Mercadona." "Is that near Harrods?" " No Lidl."

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jo said...

mmm I love a jam sandwich.