Monday, January 19, 2009

This would brighten up your garden

A friend of my neighbour told me that I had over planted my garden back in 2005. He was right. We've had to spend a lot of time cutting back plants this year. So far we've filled eight large bin bags and I'm sure we could fill a lot more.

A few plants have died off, some have been swamped by others and some we have had to remove.

The latest one was given to us by our friends John and Jean down the road. They had the P1000313plant in a large pot where it would grow to about three foot each year, flower and then die back.

In the ground, rather than in a pot, the plant has flourished. It now grows to about six foot each year and has a succession of flowers that last a several months.

Unfortunately I'd planted it right in front of the cycad where it was spoiling the view of this rather special plant so it has had to go.

It seems to grow well in partial shade but I'm sure could tolerate full sun. It would probably struggle in an open space unprotected from wind though.

I've split the plant into two parts - both of which are large. Anyone who wants one or both of the plants is welcome to call at my house and collect them.

PS They might look rather nice in that border that Dave Fraser and Norfolk Dave have created opposite their houses.

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