Monday, January 19, 2009

Black spots on the roads

The Ministries of Public Works and the Economy and Interior have said this week that they are committed to seeking out and eradicating "black spots" on the roads in the province by 2012.

The Eurorap report in collaboration with the Royal Automobile Club of Spain and other European associations has identified 22 black spots in Alicante province of which eight are deemed to be high risk.

Forty nine kilometres of road are catalogued in the report as high risk according to the statistics for accidents on them. Two are on the N-340 - between El Siscar and Albatera and between Crevillent and Elche. The other is on the N-332 between Gata and El Verger. In addition there are two sections of average risk and twelve of minor risk.

The section between El Siscar and Albatra is considered to be the most dangerous stretch of road in Spain. Sixty people were killed on there between 2003 and 2005 alone.

The Valencian Community has 74 sections of roadway considered dangerous. Of all the provinces in the community, Valencia is the worst with 31 black spots followed by Alicante and Castellón just eight behind. The section of the N-322, between kilometers 412.3, where it crosses the AB-851, and e 424.2 in Villatoya (Albacete) poses the greatest risk. This is a mountain motorway with closed curves and very little traffic and so has a high accident rate per user.

There are a few places in Bigastro where you have to take care; unmarked junctions where you are unclear as to who has right of way and a few blind corners which you need to approach with caution. Most people drive with care in the town with just the odd boy racer or the young lads on motos posing a threat.

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