Sunday, February 01, 2009

Ready, steady, paint.....

Both our daughters have moved into new houses so we thought it would be nice if I painted a picture for them. Nothing too big mind you.

Jemma said she'd like her's in greens, pinks and blues with maybe a butterfly on it. Laura and Dave first said they'd like a Mancheser skyline but they couldn't find one that suited them so they sent me pictures of the Great Wall of China, Sydney harbour bridge, the Rockies, Rio de Janeiro and Hong Kong at night to choose from.

No sweat Keith! As you can see; I have the easel set up, the paint box open, the brushes ready and the palette to hand. Most important though, I have my pipe filled with St. Bruno.

For an artist, there is nothing more daunting than looking at a white canvas board. Some of my contemporaries at college used to to get their inspiration from smoking something stronger than St. Bruno. I'll stick to my regular smoke though otherwise Jemma could end up with a pink and blue pictures of the Rockies complete with the statue of Christ and Laura and Dave with a butterfly over Sydney harbour bridge. Actually those could be quite interesting - I'm only joking girls!


By the way, the painting of the French market scene on the wall is from my realism phase. The girls pictures will probably be more abstract than that.

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Pete said...

Nice set up! And your French realism looks great. Have you photographed your portfolio yet?