Monday, February 02, 2009

A little darkroom magic

There are some who bemoan the demise of film photography - I'm not one of them!

Even with the best camera equipment, the results you got back from processing were variable. First off the images were always cropped ruining your carefully worked out composition. Then the colours would often be wrong, the shadows would be too dark and the highlights bleached out. All-in-all a disappointment. Of course you could set up a darkroom and process your own or you could take slides but neither solution was particularly convenient.

The advent of digital photography, especially if you have a decent printer, means that you can get the exact result that you want. A few minutes with the right software and you can work some magic into your snaps and have them to hand straight away.

When I took the photo of our urbanisation shrouded in mist, I shot off a few more of the Pedrera. What I wanted was the sun  coming up behind a tree burning off the mist. The results were OK but not what I had envisaged. So I went into Photoshop and did a few tweaks and came up with these which better represent what I wanted to achieve.

IMG_0231 2 IMG_0230 2

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Pete said...

These really are exquisite.