Thursday, February 19, 2009

Operation Bigastro 2

The lawyer for the defence, José Sánchez-Alarcos says that although the records show that municipal cheques amounting to 378,717.6 euros were made out to his client, José Joaquín Moya (ex mayor of the town) which were then paid into various accounts, these were in all in the name of the municipality.

The lawyer went on to explain that the accounts of the ex-mayor, which had been frozen will be unblocked within the next few days. The Municipal accounts which were also frozen were unblocked when the political situation in the town was regularised.

There will be some further explaining to be done; José Joaquin Moya will have to give an account of his patrimony and the City council will need to be audited to demonstrate that the money was not entered into the accounts of the ex- mayor. The imputed ones will also have to explain why an industrialist who worked for the Town Hall bought a Volkswagen Toureg which was then registered to the ex mayor. Finally they will need to answer the presumed crime against the arrangement of the territory for which Moya is also imputed. According to the ex-mayor's defence, the latter is an administrative infraction rather than a penal offence.

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