Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The gossip mill

There are many rumours that do the rounds here at Villas Andrea. I suppose it is because we are a close knit small community of Brits who have time on our hands and fertile imaginations.

Although a few of the rumours turn out to be completely true, most contain just a grain of truth that has been elaborated upon. As the more sensational stories get passed on from person to person they are embellished until eventually they are fit for the front page of the Sun.

Pam and I make a point of not believing anything unless we have witnessed it first hand. There seems little point in raising your anxiety levels worrying about something that may be just a gross distortion of the facts or worse still a figment of someone's imagination. In any case, we are not that interested in hearing of other people's dirty washing which is of course what many of the tales are about.

One rumour that I will pass on though is that the rate of exchange between the pound and the euro will improve to 1.3 within the next few months.  I have no idea where this notion came from or what information it was based on. Certainly I haven't read anything in the online newspapers to indicate that it might be true. I am only passing it on in the hope that by doing so the rumour might become fact.

Until that magic number appears on my sidebar gadget though, it will remain a dream - at the moment it is 1.12.

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