Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Definitely not carbolic!

The kind people at NaturalCosmo sent me an email thanking me for mentioning their site on my blog.

In the email they promised me some samples of their soaps to try out. True to their word, Manuel and Renata sent me five different soaps. Rather cunningly though they emitted to put the labels on the packages so I have to work out what they are.


The one on the left is the easiest - it is Menta y Chocolate, the one on the right is Naranjas de Sevilla , the one in the middle could be Vetiver y Violetas, second from the right I think is Almendra y Leche de Coco and I'm not sure about the second from the left - my guess is Árgan y Flores de Neroli.

What I can tell you for certain is that my face never looked so clean and smelt so pretty. The soaps are all so good it would be hard to pick out a favourite.


Pete said...

They look absolutely gorgeous! I bet they smell fabulous!

Manuel said...

Hi Keith & Pam,
You were almost right guessing the soaps. From Left to Right :
-menta y chocolate
-orquídea y jazmín
-baya y yogur griego
-piña y coco
-naranjas de Sevilla.
We're also happy to read that you're enjoying the soaps.
saludos, Renata & Manuel

Eri said...

These are the best soaps I know!