Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The soap story episode 3

Pete says abut the soaps that NaturalCosmo sent me:- They look absolutely gorgeous! I bet they smell fabulous! Too right they do Pete. Not only that but they are far better for the skin than many commercial soaps.

As NaturalCosmo explain:-

The soaps are handmade from extra virgin olive oil (or Soap of Castilla) and do not contain synthetics, preservatives, detergents or chemicals of any kind. The colours that are used come from natural plants or clays.

The soaps contain essential aromatherapy oils which have been combined by a professional aromatherapist to provide wonderful aromas and effective therapeutic benefits.

The soaps are produced using the “cold” method which is a way of making soap without applying additional heat. This method preserves the delicate oils and means that the fatty acids of the oils used in the recipes stay intact.

NaturalCosmo go on to explain that the combination of the raw materials in their products makes them ideal for washing your body. They are also sufficiently smooth and delicate to be used for washing your face, as a solid shampoo and as shaving cream.

The company are keen to point out that none of their soaps have been tested on animals and that only the best quality virgin olive oils are used. Because of the natural materials used for colouring, colours can vary between batches.

PS I got three out of five of the soaps that Renata and Manuela sent correct.

From Left to Right :
-menta y chocolate
-orquídea y jazmín
-baya y yogur griego
-piña y coco
-naranjas de Sevilla.

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