Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Hay nieve

Let's face it Britain is just not geared up for anything but normal weather. Admittedly, yesterday's snow was extreme but I remember occasions when just a flurry of snow caused chaos. It is the same when it rains, when it is hot or the wind blows. The country seems to come to a halt at the drop of a hat unable to cope with anything out of the ordinary.

With the promise of more snow, Britain could be at a standstill for a week.

One good thing though - the snow has brought out a rash of great photographs in the papers. These are some that I have pinched this morning.

Snow snow 3

The taxi driver clearly didn't want to miss the chance of a fare and doesn't that post box look cute with a white cap.

snow 2

You can sense the determination on this lady's face. She is fighting a losing battle though

snow 4

This lady is trying to dig out her car. When I saw it I did wonder how she knew which one was hers. Then it struck me, obviously it is the white one.

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