Monday, February 02, 2009

In spite of the rain

In spite of the rain the parade of Moors and Christians took place in Orihuela this weekend. In summer they parade on different days but this weekend they paraded together.

Two of the Moors' comparsas (the Moros Viejos de Abén Mohor and the Caballeros del Rey Fernando) and two of the Christians' (the Nazaríes de Abén Humeya and the Caballeros Templarios) gathered in the Plaza de Santiago to begin the parade which ended at the Glorieta Gabriel Miró.

There was some disquiet expressed last year when most of the prizes for the best comparsas were awarded to the Caballeros de Tadmir and the Moros Beduinos. Let's hope that in July, when the main parades take place, that the other comparsas get a look in.

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