Saturday, February 21, 2009

I'm no prude but...

Like many I suppose, we were surprised when we first came to Spain to see young ladies on the roadside 'touting' for business. At first we thought they must be waiting for a lift but then quickly realised their true purpose. After a while we became used to their presence and even looked out for them.

Most of the ones who ply their trade towards Bigastro dress quite smartly and cause no offence. Even the one we christened semaphore girl' because she waived her arms and legs about as you passed seemed harmless if perhaps a little strange.

Some of the girls are attractive and like to show off their bodies. One particular lady' who stood on the roundabout between the CV940 and the CV945, took to standing in her underwear during the Summer months. I have to admit I was always intrigued to see what colour she would be wearing; one day white, then black, peach or lemon.

A few of my neighbours say they have even seen the ladies naked. I imagine that was because business was slack and they decided to try and drum up some trade by displaying the goods on offer. I don't think it is commonplace though.

On the CV95 towards Torrevieja, the girls are younger; they look as though they are in their early teens. Far from being attractive, some of these girls are downright 'tarty'. like the couple we passed the other day. One had a black bra, a pink skirt pulled up to reveal her panties and hold up stockings. The other was similarly dressed but had stockings and suspenders on. They looked like models from the seediest magazines that newsagents kept on their top shelves - you know - the ones that you looked at when you were tall enough to reach them.

I'm no prude and I don't mind the presence of these girls but I imagine it must be very embarrassing for people with children to pass young ladies so obviously dressed on the side of the road. Just how do you explain their presence? Surely their prospective customers know what they are about without them being quite so blatant.

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